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Vintage Fiesta Teapot (Medium C Handled)

Vintage Fiestaware medium teapot

It's easy to tell the large teapot from the medium sized one. The large teapots handle is a complete ring, just like the teacups. The medium teapots handle is 1/2 the circle, thus the nickname "C Handled" teapot. Unlike the large teapot that was discontinued in the 1940s, the medium version was in production for the rest of the original vintage fiestawares run and can be found in all eleven colors, including medium green. The lid for the medium teapot is significantly different than the large version. It is a one part construction, with the knob being part of the mold (collectors will recognize the same style lid in miniature on the vintage fiesta mustard jar). The vent holes were still punched into the lid by hand so the position, size and even inclusion of the hole can vary.

vintage fiestaware bottom markings for identification


Measures 5 1/8" from base to top of finial knob x 8 1/2" wide from tip of spout to back of C handle.


Three versions of in the mold markings on the bottom, impressed "fiesta HLC USA" with or without surrounding rings and HL logo followed by "fiesta MADE IN USA".

Years of production

Circa 1937-1969: Made in all eleven of the original vintage colors. Red discontinued from the end of 1942 until reintroduced in 1959.

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