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Vintage Fiesta Green Colors Explained

This picture shows a selection of 1960s Medium Green on the left, 1930s-1940s Original Light Green in the middle and 1950s dark Forest Green on the right. The teapot is the Original Light Green Color. Understanding Fiesta greens isn't tricky once you see a few pieces side by side. The Original Green color was called "Light Green".

Medium and Light Green Fiesta

Here is a medium green cup (top left) next to an original light green cup.

fiesta tom and jerry mugs The middle Tom and Jerry mug in the front row is medium green. Forest green is on the right front corner and that's light green in the middle.

Here is the individual salad bowl in medium green.This piece is only found in Medium Green, Red, Yellow and Turquoise

Fiestaware Greens Medium Green "FIESTA. American's most beloved color glaze dinnerware! Bright, glowing RED, YELLOW, TURQUOISE and GREEN are in the glaze and can never, never WASH OR WEAR OFF. Items in sets are rainbow color assorted. Wonderfully suited for informal family dining or Patio Cook Out"

Probably the single factor that makes it hard to distinguish Medium green from Light green is that sometimes Light green has a heavy application and can appear almost medium green at times. (I have a tom and jerry coffee mug in light green that I can barely tell from my medium green). Many people refer to Medium Green as "John Deere" or "Tic Tac" green. This seems as good a way to describe it as any. The light green almost looks blue next to the medium green, and the forest green is so dark there should be no problem confusing it with medium green. For information on all the vintage fiestaware colors see the full color guide »

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