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Vintage Fiesta Cake Plate

Vintage Fiesta cake plate flat

The Cake Plate sits absolutely flat - as shown above with a cake lifter in yellow (borrowed from the fiesta Kitchen Kraft line). Note the abundant rings on the back. It is not inkstamped and will NEVER be found marked. The cake plate can be identified by the abundant amount of rings on the back and the nearly perfect flat surface. References are found in modeling logs from Homer Laughlin and designer Frederick Rhead's journal mentioning a flat fiesta cake plate. In his journal, Rhead mentions modifying the piece for Royal Metal Manufactuing, so perhaps the cake plate was designed for them, perhaps it's meant to have a metal holder, like certain casseroles and other pieces more familiar to collectors.

Vintage Fiesta cake plate back rings

The above photo shows the backside of the cake plate. The abundant amount of rings found oun the back far exceeds anything else in the fiesta line. The plate would have been molded with the front rings coming from the mold while the back rings would have had to have been etched into the plate by hand on a jiggering machine. It's too bad that this piece was in production for such a short amount of time (6 months in 1937!) and never made it onto the shelves. No known example in turquoise is thought to exist. Finding any cake plates at all is a feat and there are more collectors than their are cake plates, so owning one is a very special treat. Below: shows the front of the cake plate.

Vintage Fiesta cake plate front


10 1/2" wide by 5/8" high


Never marked. The cake plate was discontinued before the development of the turquoise glaze and well before the need to provide a copyright by the glaze stamp "GENUINE"

Years of production

Circa 1937: The cake plate was only in production for half a year. It never made it onto a Homer Laughlin price guide. Made in the first five original vintage colors. (Not made in turquoise). Very rare. Extremely rare in Red.

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