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Vintage Fiesta Two Pint Jug

Vintage Fiesta 2 pint jug

Homer Laughlin China Company's pottery designer Frederick Rhead designed five versions of open styled jugs during the spring of 1936. Numbered 1-5 the jugs were all the same shape just different sizes starting with a tiny 1/2 cup version (4 ounces), one cup version (8 ounces), one pint version (16 ounces), 3 cup version (24 ounces) and a two pint version (32 ounces). The largest version was selected for production and gave us the delightful 2 pint jug. The ring handle on the 2 pint jug was part of the continuous one piece mold and did not need to be attached by hand.

Vintage Fiesta 2 pint jug 1950s colors

The Fiestaware 2 pint jug shown above in 3 of the 1950s colors. Dark forest green in front with gray and chartruese in the rear. The fourth 1950s color, rose, is shown at the bottom of the page.

Vintage Fiesta 2 pint jug 1950s colors

Above, in red, is the early mark with the interesting and unual scribed "5" at the top of the mark and below (in 1950s rose) is the later and more familiar mark. This hand scribed looking number 5 represents the fifth of the five experimental sizes Rhead toyed with. A few of the experimental sizes have ended up in collectors hands, a number four in red and a number two in cobalt have been reported (can you imagine!).

Vintage Fiesta 2 pint jug 1950s colors


4 1/4" tall by 8 1/2" wide from tip of spout to back of the ring handle.


Two variations of in the mold marks. The first earliest marks have a hand inscribed "5" at the top followed by "fiesta HLC USA", the later mark leads with "H.L.C. fiesta MADE IN U.S.A."

Years of production

Circa 1936-1959: Made in ten of the eleven original vintage colors. Not made in medium green. Red discontinued from the end of 1942 until reintroduced in 1959.

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