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Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher

Vintage Fiesta ice lip pitcher

The pitcher gets its name from a lip that bridges the spout, designed to keep ice from falling into your glass. This wonderful pitcher was only in made for ten years when it and fourteen other items were quickly cut from production. The great beefy handle would have been cast separately from the pitcher and applied by hand. The foot as well would have been hand worked to flare outwards and then had it's band of concentric rings etched in by a metal blade. The ice lip pitcher was only made in the first six colors and is one of the great early pieces of the line. Once you've held one in your hands you realize there is nothing quite like it. It is easily my favorite pitcher in the vintage line and is a delight to use and has a commanding presence with its charming puffy belly.


6 1/2" tall and 9 3/4" wide from tip of spout to the back of the handle.


Impressed marked in the mold "fiesta HLC USA". Two types of bottom marks include the plain "fiesta HLC USA"

Years of production

Circa 1936-1946: Made in the first six original vintage colors. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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