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Vintage Fiesta 15 Inch Chop Plate

Vintage Fiesta 15 inch chop plate

The 15 inch chop plate is the larger of two vintage fiesta serving chop plates. It has the distinction of being the widest piece of the line and is a great way to showcase your favorite vintage fiesta color (unless your fave is medium green because the 15 inch chop plate was discontinued right before the introduction of the medium green glaze). There are two distinct types of backs, one has a doubled ring foot and the other is simply missing this extra (and quite heavy) ringed foot. We don't know why there is this extra foot. Shown below is the more commonly found single footed ring with the "GENUINE fiesta HLCo USA" glaze stamp.

Vintage Fiesta 15 inch chop plate

Shown below is the heavier example of the chop plate with the double foot.

Vintage Fiesta 15 inch chop plate


Measures 14 1/4" wide from edge to edge x 1 1/8" tall


Earlier versions with the extra set of rings and thick protruding foot are usually not marked, while later versions mostly include the glaze stamp "GENUINE fiesta HLC USA" on the outside bottom, although it is not uncommon to find unmarked examples on the later versions as well.

Years of production

Circa 1936-1959: Made in ten of the eleven original vintage colors. Not made in medium green. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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