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Vintage Fiesta 10 1/2" Divided Compartment Plate

Vintage Fiesta divided compartment plate

The divided compartment plate was a popular component of the vintage 1930s kitchen and Homer Laughlin did not disappoint by adding one to the line. Interestingly the first version was 12" and was not well recieved and was discontinued very quickly (even before the six colored glaze of turquoise was added to the line). But the revised, slightly reduced size, 10 1/2" variation remained popular and in production until 1959. Like all plates the front was formed with rings built into the molds while the backside rings had to be hand etched into the pieces on the jiggering machine. Ring patterns on the reverse will vary because of different set ups on the machines, but all will contain bands of graduating concentric rings which are a tell tale sign of genuine vintage fiesta tableware. Collectors should look for excellent examples without scratches or signs of use, especially on the raised dividers that are so often found chipped.


10 1/2" wide by 13/16" tall


Marked on the bottom with the glaze stamp "GENUINE fiesta HLC USA". Sometimes found unmarked and mark will be very hard to see on the dark blue cobalt and forest green glazes.

Years of production

Circa 1937-1959: Made in all eleven of the original vintage colors. Red discontinued from the end of 1942 until reintroduced in 1959.

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