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Vintage Fiesta Covered Onion Soup Bowl

Vintage Fiesta covered onion soup bowl

covered onion soup bowlThe covered onion soup bowl is the Cadillac of the Fiesta line. The onion soup bowl was the second piece discontinued by the fall of 1937. The handles knob, also called a finial and the foot were both attached by hand. Since turquoise was introduced merely a few weeks before this piece was cut, the turquoise covered onion soup bowl demands a fierce price.

covered onion soup bowl sugar bowl comparisonIn the picture to the left is the onion soup bowl next to the sugar bowl. The sugar bowl measures 5 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" from handle to handle - so the onion soup (at under 5" tall) is shorter and wider.

rare red striped vintage fiesta covered onion soup bowlNES: No Established Value. There are just not enough of these out there for there to be a market value on these Ultra Rare Red Striped Fiesta Covered Onion Soup Bowls. Wow!
The very first version of the covered onion soup bowl will be found with a flat bottom inside (much like the flat bottom early teacups) and those will be marked on the outside, like the yellow example shown below. Early in 1936 the bottom was rounded, the mark was removed from the mold and the flange wasn't as large. (unmarked green example below).

id vintage fiestaware marks


6 1/8" wide from handle edge to edge, x 4 1/2" tall from base to top of knob, x 2 7/16" width of base/foot. Lid is 4 7/8" wide.


Unmarked, or inmold mark on early flat bottom varieties.

Years of production

Circa 1936-1937: Made in first six original colors only. Extremely rare in turquoise.

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