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Vintage Fiesta Individual Creamer

Vintage Fiesta Individual Creamer

The individual creamer, covered sugar and figure-8 tray set were part of Homer Laughlin's 1940 promotional sales campaign. The standard set consists of a yellow creamer and sugar and a cobalt tray. Rarely you may find the tray in turquoise and the creamer in red, but it is speculated that that color combination was by special order only, and that the dark cobalt blue figure eight tray with matching fiesta yellow sugar and creamer was the standard set. These were the last pieces designed by Frederick Rhead (the original designer of the vintage line) for the fiesta tableware line.


2 1/2" tall x 5 " wide from outer edge of handle to tip of spout


In the mold mark on the underside bottom HLC logo followed by "GENUINE fiesta HLCo USA"

Years of production

Circa 1940-1943:Part of the promotional sugar, creamer, and tray set from the first promotional campaign of 1940. Red examples are rare.

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