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Vintage Fiesta Footed Salad Bowl

Vintage Fiesta footed salad bowl

This substantially large piece was only in production for ten years from 1936-1946 (and even less time for the red, which was withdrawn during World War II, by the end of 1942). This is the grandaddy of the Fiesta Bowls. They hold a mass of fruit. This piece is very hard to find in excellent condition. Turquoise and green glazes are commonly runny or splotchy on this piece. Look for a good example to collect. There were less footed salad bowls sold than many of the smaller tableware items, so expect to pay a premium for them. There are two variations for this bowl, the earlier version had a foot that was cast separately and hand applied. Not only was that process labor intensive, the results were not consistent and many of the feet exhibited cracks in the making or had the foot completely unattach itself. The other version had the foot included in the mold, but the foot would still need worked by hand, with a shaping tool used to flare the foot out and then the rings on the bottom of the foot would have to be hand etched in on the jiggering machine. The feet can vary in thickness and ring patterns and bottom marks can also vary.

bottom marks footed salad bowl


11 1/2" wide from edge to edge X 5 1/2" tall


Impressed in the mold mark "Fiesta/HLC USA", occassionally unmarked, final examples marked with the glaze stamp "Genuine Fiesta"

Years of production

Circa 1936-1946: Made in first six original colors only. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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