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Vintage Fiesta 11 3/4" Fruit Bowl

Vintage Fiesta 11 inch fruit bowl

The large, shallow "fruit" bowl was originally designed as part of the Kitchen Kraft line. Referred to as the "salad nappie" by designer and creator Frederick Rhead, it is envisioned as a salad bowl, to be used with the kitchen kraft fork and spoon. Ultimately though it was released in Fiesta colors and not Oven Serve. Remnants of the Kitchen Kraft line remain though in the pair of incised rings just under the outside lip. Since this bowl was so large it was set upright on stilts in the kiln and the stilt marks will be found under the rim and not on the bottom. Lot of times the 3 stilt marks under the rim are confused with chips, but in this case those are in the making and are not damage.

vintage fiesta bottom markings


11 5/16" wide from rim to rim, 4 1/2 wide at base and 3" tall


Impressed in the mold mark "Fiesta/HLC USA"

Years of production

Circa 1937-1946: Made in first six original colors only. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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