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Vintage Fiesta Egg Cup

Vintage Fiesta egg cup

Within the first year of fiestaware production, designer Frederick Rhead had created fourteen new pieces for the line. The Fiesta egg cup was among these new editions for the quickly popular dinnerware. The piece would have been slip cast and the inside rings would have been etched into the cup by a metal blade from the jigger machine. More hand work would involve shaping the foot on what is most like a woodworkers lather, rings would have then been jiggered around the base by hand - thus resulting in a wide variety of shapes and ring patterns in the Fiesta egg cups foot. Some will flare out much more than others or become thinner from extra shaping. The egg cup is suprisingly sought after and always commands it's top price to collect. Examples in the 1950s colors are harder to find and come at a premium price as well. Luckily since an egg is softer than a fork most pieces we do come across are in good condition without damage.


Cups measure 3 1/2" wide x 3 1/8" tall.


Marked in the mold on the outside bottom with the fiesta logo followed by "fiesta MADE IN U.S.A."

Years of production

Circa 1936-1959: Made in ten of the eleven original vintage colors. (Not made in Medium Green). Hard to find in the 1950s colors.

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