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Vintage Fiesta Sauce Boat

Vintage Fiestaware sauce boat

The sauce boat was not originally released with the 34 original pieces at the beginning of 1936, but was quickly added as one of 17 new pieces by Christmas of that year. The shape was made in a one piece mold with it's foot needing flared out by hand. It's a charming piece with it's great puffy belly, countered by a long slender and gracefull spout. The fiesta sauce boat (gravy boat) is still being made today in its original mold, so it's another shape that can be confused new for old. Know your colors and watch for an occasional raised "H" to denote new from old and remember there will never be stamped letters or numbers on the new ones since that was a practice used in the 30's by quality control workers at the factory.

vintage fiestaware bottom marks for identification rings and no rings on the relish tray center inserts


4 1/2" tall from tip of spout to base x across by 8" long from tip of spout to back of handle and 4 1/2" wide from belly side to belly side.


Marked in the mold impressed with the HL logo followed by "fiesta MADE IN U.S.A. Early versions will simply have "HLC USA" impressed on the bottom.

Years of production

Circa 1936-1969: Made in all eleven of the original vintage colors. Red discontinued from the end of 1942 until reintroduced in 1959.

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