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Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray Side Inserts

Vintage Fiestaware relish tray side insert

There are two main types of vintage fiesta side inserts designed for the relish tray. Collectors diferentiate between the two by refering to them as either "thick walled" or "thin walled". The thick walled examples will usally be marked in the mold on the bottom (although there are some unmarked examples found), while the thin walled versions will always be unmarked. There is a difference in the technique used to make the two types. The thicker walled versions were made in the mold by the slip cast method, while the thinner examples were made in the ram press. The ram pressed examples will all have the distinct edge of the press that still shows on their bottoms (see the green ram pressed example below). Collectors do prefer to try and use the same types of side inserts in their fiestaware relish trays because there are very slight differences in height and fit when you mix and match styles.

Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray


Side Inserts: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 6 and 1" tall | Center Inserts: 3 1/4" across x 1" tall | Base: 11" wide x 1 1/2" tall.


There are three types of marks found on the outside bottom of the relish tray inserts. One with simply "fiesta HLC USA", as shown above in red and turquoise, one with the HL logo followed by "fiesta MADE IN USA", as shown above in dark cobalt blue, and an unmarked version as shown in the original green example above.

Years of production

Circa 1936-1946: Made in the first six original vintage colors. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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