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Vintage Fiesta Stick Handed Creamer

Vintage Fiesta Regular Ring Hanlded Creamer

The stick handle is an early and rare design element in the fiestaware line. The After Dinner Coffeepot, with its stick handle was already designed when Rhead was working on a creamer, so the stick handled version fell into a perfect compliment for the existing coffeepot. PIeces like this that required extra hand work took more time to produce so quicker methods were looked for and efficiency won out over design. In this case the handle itself was cast separately and had to be attached by hand to the body. The stick handled creamer would only be produced for a little over two years before being replaced with the ring handled example.


3" tall x 4 12" wide from outer edge of handle to front of spout


In the mold mark on the underside bottom "fiesta HLCo USA"

Years of production

Circa 1939-1938: Made in the first six original vintage colors. Hard to find in turquoise. Discontinued early.

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