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Vintage Fiesta Regular Coffee Pot

Vintage Fiesta coffee pot

The vintage fiesta coffee pot is a commanding piece with great presence. They remind me of little soldiers standing ready at attention with puffed out chests. Only the 12 inch vase stands taller, so the coffee pot is a piece you will surely want to add to your collection. Made in ten of the eleven vintage colors, they will prove very hard to find in the 1950s colors of chartreuse, gray, forest green and rose. Be prepared to pay a commanding price for one in the 1950s colors, especially one without damage. Like all vintage pieces, the coffee pot did not escape needing hand work, including attaching the knob to the top finial and handowrk to the foot and smoothing of the pieces. Dipped in the luscious vintage fiestaware glazes, the coffee pot will add a delightful contrast to your collection.


10 3/8" tall x 8" wide from tip of spout to back side of handle


Marked on the bottom in the impressed in mold mark: "fiesta HLCo USA" or "Fiesta MADE IN USA".

Years of production

Circa 1936-1959: Made in ten of the eleven original vintage colors. (Not made in Medium Green). Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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