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Vintage Fiesta 7" Salad

Vintage Fiestaware 7 inch salad plate

The vintage fiestaware plates are one of the longest running pieces in the original tableware line (nearly 33 years, from 1936-1969). The rings on the tops of plates would have been part of the mold they were cast in, while the backside rings would have been added plate by plate on the jiggering machine. The plates would have been fully dipped in glaze and sat into the firing kilns on three little stilts. These stilts are what cause the marks that 3 little marks that can be seen on the underside edges of the backs of the plates (people often think these are chips, but are actually where the plates sat on the stilts in the kiln and the glaze was disturbed at those spots).


7 1/2" wide x 5/8" tall


Marked on the bottom with the glaze stamp "GENUINE fiesta HLCo USA"

Years of production

Circa 1936-1969: Made in all eleven of the original vintage colors. Red discontinued from the end of 1942 until reintroduced in 1959.

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