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Vintage Fiesta Tripod Candleholders

Vintage Fiesta tripod candle holders

With over 27 edges along the pillars this is a hard piece to find without damage. Made from 1936-41, but now reproduced, look for a fully glazed base (wet foot) with the three stilt marks from the kiln. New bulb candle holders will have a dry wiped base and a sprayed glaze under the bottom up inside, not fully dipped like the originals. It is important to note that some examples of the original vintage tripod candleholders will have a dry white foot, but if you look inside the whole the glaze should look wet. Post 86 examples have sprayed on glaze and it is easy to see sprayed specs inside the bottom hole. Collectors prefer matching bottoms on their pieces and no damage to any of the details.


3" wide from outer bulb edge x 3 3/4" h x 2 7/16" across base


Marked on the bottom in the impressed in mold mark: "fiesta HLCo USA".

Years of production

Circa 1936-1941: Made in the first six original colors only. Red discontinued by the end of 1942.

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